Our experience at John Cabot University’s “Model United Nations 2019”

by: Valeria D’Andrea, Mikael Ieva, Ilaria Pandini, Sara Silveri, Gaia Titi, Chiara Tolve,  Agnese Tomassoli (2 LcA) and Emilia Speranza (3F) 

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“What is it to be a diplomat?”

Creativity is what pushes human beings beyond their limits, it leads you further than every human mind can ever do.

Defined as “the ability to use skill and imagination to produce something new” it is a fundamental task to better the world; in fact, for each obstacle that we have to face, creativity is the key to find a solution.

Therefore, it is an essential skill that a diplomatic should master. Nowadays, new issues come to life and it is the delegate's duty to efficiently find ways to deal with them. What better way to come up with new ideas if not by using creativity rather than being violent, which history has taught us not to be the right choice?

Since the end of the First World War, several countries have decided to guarantee the safety of the whole world by maintaining diplomatic relationships with other countries. That seemed not to be enough, therefore, in 1942, the well-known "United Nations Organization" was created with the aim of preserving peace between countries throughout comprehension and dialogue.

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Every once in a while, representatives of each member state meet in order to discuss issues and difficulties. Their purpose is to find a way to face huge problems, such as inequality, hunger, poverty and unequal development. They argue for their beliefs and rights, and to maintain their fight on a safe ground, diplomacy is used.

At the end of each of their conference, they come up with a so-called "resolution". A resolution includes suggestions and ideas to solve the problems that the delegates were provided with. The suggestions and ideas they propose are the results of the hard work based on each delegate’s creativity.

This is what our experience at John Cabot University was about: collaboration, diplomacy and, most of all, creativity. JCUMUN allows you to approach the world of diplomacy and to enhance your imagination and ability to relate with other persons from all around the world.

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The days at John Cabot University were intense, but there will be no better way to improve your own self-confidence; moreover, this experience will give you a vivid view of our world from all sides. You will become more aware of all the unstable conditions that are emerging all around the world.

Last but not least, it will make room for your imagination and creativity, you will make new friends and you will improve your English!