Due studentesse della classe 4E hanno voluto esprimere le loro impressioni sul progetto Italy Pitches al quale hanno partecipato quest'anno ed hanno scritto il seguente articolo.

Hello everyone, 

we are Sara Pizzoli and Giorgia Colasante and this year we've attended the project of the John Cabot University in Rome regarding the world of sustainability; we've chosen this activity to improve our English and we thought that this could be an opportunity to get in touch with the university environment.

We considered Italy Pitches a suitable project to raise awareness among young people towards the importance of sustainability; the project was divided into some sections: quizzes, readings and videos and the main goal of the course was to realise an advertising video for an Italian famous company.

We used the material that the John Cabot University made available to us, for example some documents concerning the theme of sustainability from the UN and many videos that helped us to edit our presentation; we could choose between four different Italian companies and because of our passion for fashion our choice was Salvatore Ferragamo S. P. A.

In conclusion, this experience has been a big benefit to us and it was very interesting because we understood how sustainability is fundamental in the society of these days and how we can use it in our everyday life since also famous companies are able to reduce their impact on the environment. It was a great experience to take part in this project and also to write this article to share what the course taught us.

Many thanks, Giorgia and Sara.

Qui di seguito i quattro link dei 7 alunni che hanno partecipato ed inviato il loro prodotto al video contest di cui avremo il vincitore a fine giugno.
I sette alunni sono:
Sara Pizzoli e Giorgia Colasante            4E   S.Ferragamo
Julia Dargiewicz                                      3L   Enel Green Power
Romina Romaldetti                             1LcC   Barilla
Mesha Farooq
Francesca Carbone                            
Tommaso Finolezzi                                 3D  Piaggio
La referente, prof.ssa Nadia Gabbarrini

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