Il giorno giovedì 23 maggio 2019, presso il Liceo “T. G. Talotta” a Cinecittà, si è tenuta la premiazione del concorso di “Creative Writing”, bandito dal TESOL Italy dal titolo “Creativity Can Change the World”.

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Le prof.sse Perillo e Pompeo sono liete di comunicare la vittoria di:

per la 3F     R. Bartalucci, C. Senzacqua, M. Sorichetti, S. De Sanctis per  “SWEET HARMONY” (Song)

                   Mastrantonio, O. Turcan, G. Palma, L. Mignacca, E. Autiero, I. Kurti per “INNOVATORS OF THE PAST” (Kahoot)

Per la VgB  G. Imperato e A. Migliore per “THERE IS A CHILD…” (Drawing & Text) 

                   Manfreda e N. Montalbano per “HIKIKOMORI” (Manga)

Per la IVgB  I. Acquaro per  “YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING” (Poem)    

                    F.J. Tulbure per “DEAR LISA” (Letter)

Sono stati attribuiti premi quali una iscrizione al progetto “IMUN” (gennaio 2020) e libri in lingua originale della Casa Ed. Pearson.

tesol 2

Di seguito i commenti degli alunni:

This experience was very interesting to me because I met other people from other schools and I could speak to really fantastic girls.

I’m very happy to have participated in the award ceremony and this was a sort of day of celebration for all of us. To speak and to listen to English helps us, young students, learn this very important language, so useful today. (Irene Acquaro, IVgB)

My personal experience at Tesol was amazing, I was inspired by the theme to write about. I also liked the award ceremony and the other works. (Francesca Jessica Tulbure IVgB)

“This project about creativity started about two months ago. Our teacher divided us into different groups and we decided to create a Kahoot about past inventions in order to show the positive influence they had on the present and, consequently, on the future. This type of quiz is such a funny way to expose the past without boring people. We worked for several weeks, then we collected the material and that’s it! ” (L. Mastrantonio, O. Turcan, G. Palma, L. Mignacca, E. Autiero, I. Kurti, 3F)

“We are so happy we took part in this project. It gave us the chance to write a song about some issues affecting the world. We all know that some people are increasingly selfish and they just worry about money by spoiling the future of new generations. We all had great fun working together and we understood the importance of team work. It has been an honour being rewarded by Tesol, it was worth the effort!”(R. Bartalucci, C. Senzacqua, M. Sorichetti, S. De Sanctis, 3F).

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